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Jan 4, 2011

Fluid Infusion v1.3 is released!

Infusion 1.3 is a major new release of Fluid's JavaScript application framework. This version includes substantial accessibility improvements, plugin-free HTML 5 support for the Uploader component, and variety of new framework features including the Inversion of Control system for creating highly adaptable and easy-to-test applications. This release is an incremental upgrade and preserves backwards API compatibility for all production-grade components.

What's New in This Release?

  • Sneak Peek at the new Inversion of Control (IoC) system
  • Uploader support for HTML 5
    • Flash-free for modern browsers!
    • Substantially improved keyboard and screen reader accessibility
    • Comprehensive automatic progressive enhancement based on browser capabilities
  • Tons of accessibility improvements
    • Better feedback for the Progress component
    • Enhanced screen reader support for the Inline Edit component
    • Location and movement announcements for the Reorderer component
    • No wrap option for the Reorderer component
  • The new Infusion Builder site, which allows you to create custom builds
  • Renderer improvements
  • ChangeApplier now supports transactions
  • Bug fixes
  • Many improved demos

For information about upgrading to Infusion 1.3, see the [Upgrading to Infusion 1.3] tutorial. Known issues in this release are documented on the Infusion 1.3 Known Issues page. We have updated our supported browser matrix to harmonize it with the latest Yahoo! A-Grade support. For more information, see our Browser Support documentation.

What is Fluid Infusion?

Fluid Infusion is an application framework for building usable and accessible user interfaces with JavaScript. Built on top of jQuery, Infusion takes a different approach to client-side development. At heart, Infusion is an open architecture designed to put you back in control of your application’s user experience. It includes a growing collection of UI components - reusable interactions that go deeper than most widgets. Created by a community of developers and interaction designers, Infusion components are built from the ground up with accessibility in mind. All of our designs can be used with assistive technologies, are fully controllable with the keyboard, and can be transformed to suit your users’ personal needs.

Fluid Infusion includes a collection of our UI components, tutorials to help you get started, solid APIs to help you dive in, and the community to lend a hand.

For more information about Fluid Infusion, please visit the Fluid Infusion website.